Whether you are an Intended Parent or a Gestational Carrier, Baby Legal can help negotiate the terms of your surrogacy arrangement, consider all of the factors involved, and define the scope of your relationship. 


During the contract drafting phase, we will draw up the contract based on your specifications; we will take into account the policies of the agency you are working with, if any; we will consult with you once you've reviewed the contract and make sure that you understand the legal implications of the agreement; and together we will finalize the surrogacy arrangement. 


Once the Gestational Carrier is pregnant, we will take all necessary steps to file a petition for parentage rights with the courts, and to obtain a judgment of parentage before the birth, to ensure that the Intended Parents names will go on the birth certificate. 


We are very excited to be there for you at this wonderful time!



Egg Donation

Baby Legal can help Intended Parents and Donors reach agreement regarding the paramenters of their egg donation contract. 


Even though most egg donation contracts are anonymous, the parties still must consider many issues including what risks they are assuming, potential future contact, and disposition of unused eggs or embryos. We will make sure that you understand both the agreement and your legal obligations resulting from the agreement. Most important of all, the egg donation contract defines the intentions and the roles of the parties, ensuring that only the intended parents will have parentage rights.


We are happy and inspired that we get to play a role in helping form families through assisted reproduction.  


Embryo Donation

When an Intended Parent has completed their own family and has unused embryos, they may choose to donate the embryos to a third party for purposes of reproduction. They may donate the embryos to a friend or family member, or to a stranger through an agency or an IVF clinic. In any case, the parties will need a contract in order to solidify their rights and expectations surrounding the donation, and in particular, in order to confirm the parentage rights for the donee intended parents. 


Donating genetic materials to help others form their families is a wonderfully generous act and we are happy to be able to help the donors or donees in this process!



Sperm Donation

In particular when working with a "known" sperm donor, there are many issues to be worked out regarding whether or not the donor will be a true donor or retain some parentage rights and liabilities. 


During the contract drafting phase, we will draw your attention to these rights and liabilities to ensure that all parties are on the same page with regards to the part, if any, they will play in the child's future. 


We are very excited to help you in forming your modern family!



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